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WATT, is a name that has been prominent in the home-building industry for over seventy years.

Founded by Ray Watt in 1947. Ray saw the need to provide housing for returning World War II veterans, and in filling that need he built a successful company and grew it to be one of the largest homebuilders in California and the West. Ray believed that providing shelter for America’s families was among the highest of callings and instilled that belief in everyone who worked with him.

Scott Watt worked side by side with Ray for over forty years and successfully headed up the Watt Companies for over twenty years, overseeing the development of numerous housing, commercial, and retail developments.

More recently, Scott formed Watt Capital Developers Inc. and with his experienced team of professionals and trade partners, plans to carry the legacy of the family name into the future. That is why there is an unwavering focus on creating homes of the highest quality. We want you to be as proud of your new home as we are to build it.

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