Pioneering a Culture of Kindness at Silverwood

March 20, 2024

We are excited to announce a regional Culture of Kindness initiative for the Mojave River Valley just launched.   With guidance from past Mayor Tom Tait who created something similar in Anaheim, we have gathered municipal, education, and faith-based leaders to create a culture of kindness across the Mojave River Valley. This unique approach moves beyond simply constructing homes, amenities, and parks; we are laying the sturdy groundwork for how people will engage with one another in Silverwood and beyond.  As part of this ambitious endeavor, we are weaving a delicate, yet robust, tapestry of neighborly care, uplifting interactions, and shared community values into the very essence of Silverwood.

Our vision is to create a place not just to live, but to truly thrive, where the horizon is not just mountains but the shared joy of collective harmony.

Redefining Community Development

Imagine the quintessential American neighborhood where the values of mutual respect and support are not dictated but are simply lived. This vision does not just skirt the edges of idealism but offers a tangible way forward as we continue fulfilling the design of Silverwood and redefining how ‘community’ is built and celebrated.

The Kindness Initiative Unveiled, A Beacon of Light and Community

At the heart of this endeavor is the ‘Kindness Initiative,’ a comprehensive program to infuse into every aspect of the Silverwood experience the gentle strength of goodwill. The initiative will begin prior to purchasing and follow with how new homeowner’s will be welcomed to community and into the design of activities, events, and partnerships across the community.  Formal and informal opportunities will be created and encouraged among residents, from simple tasks like preparing a meal for a sick neighbor to coming together as a community to raise funds for local non-profits.  Kindness will be as endless as the vast desert sky.

The Kindness Initiative doesn’t end here, it will be lived ethos of the people who will come to call Silverwood home. Community Life Ambassadors will work tirelessly to facilitate connections and togetherness, transcending addresses to create a network of support and celebration. From volunteering with local charities to supporting school partnerships that encourage a culture of empathy and understanding, we are setting a new benchmark in what it means to live in community.

The benefits of this initiative are grounded in research which documents how communities that prioritize and practice kindness experience lower crime rates, reduced stress, and increased cohesion. Research shows it builds an environment that breeds success – from kids excelling in their education to residents leading more satisfied, healthier lives. Our vision for Silverwood isn’t just grand; it’s grounded in tangible outcomes rooted in compassion and understanding.

Silverwood isn’t just a place on the map; it’s a canvas for compassion and camaraderie, with kindness as the cornerstone.

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